Vote ‘em out! thanks all of the good residents of Concord; who signed our petition, voted with the people, and generally supported the effort to stop more wasteful spending on things like “Attack Trucks.”. The people who sold Concord this monstrosity may have made people think they wanted it ‘for the children’, but if you look at the applications you see language implying they want to use it against “frequent demonstrations by officially organized groups…”

Military grade equipment to watch over political events is intimidation, or worse. And, quite frankly, Un-American. The people who voted for the Attack Truck are leading us into a world more reminiscent of East Germany, during the bad old days of the Soviet Union, then anything remotely American. These are the type of people who would vote to listen to your every phone call and track your every move; and they would somehow twist it in their own minds that they are “doing it for the children” and “keeping us safe”

You know better than that, VOTE ‘EM OUT!

Meet the candidates:

Current Field
Ward 1
Cassandra Rasmussen (anti-bearcat)
Adam Czarkowski
Brent Todd

Ward 2
Tim Bauman (anti-bearcat)

Ward 3
Jennifer Kretovic (pro-bearcat) Incumbent
*Need Opponent

Ward 4
Kevin Bloom (anti-bearcat)
Michael Dellolacono (was at large) Incumbent

Ward 5
Rob Werner (anti-bearcat) Incumbent

Ward 6
J. Allen Bennett (anti-bearcat) Incumbent

Ward 7
Keith Nyhan (pro-bearcat) Incumbent
*Need Opponent

Ward 8
Dick Patten (anti-bearcat) has not filed yet- Incumbent

Ward 9
Candace Bouchard (anti-bearcat) Incumbent

Ward 10
Dan St. Hillard (pro-bearcat) Incumbent
*Need Opponent

At-large: Top 2
Fred Keach (pro-bearcat) Incumbent
Amanda Grady Sexton (pro-bearcat) Incumbent
Timothy Willis (anti-bearcat)
Scott Welch